What to look for in a new TV?

In the market for a new TV? 

Chances are it will be a smart TV – most newer models are – but whilst this might sound good, what does it really mean?

Here we take a look at some of the great features new and smart TVs have on offer. 

Popular TV features 

With a new TV, great images and impressive audio are pretty much a given but, these days, we want more – and the best way to get that capability is with a smart TV.  

Whether Wi-Fi or ethernet, the extra perks of a smart TV come from connecting to the internet so that you can enjoy everything expected from a standard TV…and then some!


  • On-demand content

Want more choice and more viewing freedom? It comes as standard with a smart TV. 

BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime and ITVX are just a handful of the streaming possibilities, offering you unlimited access to great viewing on demand. Never utter the words ‘there’s nothing on’ again!

  • Easy web browsing 

A smart television comes with a built-in web browser, meaning you can supersize your scrolling. 

Thanks to internet access, you can browse your favourite websites, catch up with what’s going on in the world, watch tutorials on YouTube and even box your online shopping – all without having to squint at a small screen or move from the comfort of the settee.   

  • Access to your socials  

And it’s not just websites you can explore. You can also stay on top of scrolling with all the social media favourites – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc – available through your television.

Whatever your preferred platform, stay connected through your TV. 

  • TV and sound system in one

Had enough of watching TV? Invest in a smart TV and you can switch modes and chill out with music instead. 

Find perfect background tunes, access your playlists, or listen to all the latest releases by connecting to Spotify. 

Don’t have a Spotify account? Keep an eye out for Apple and Amazon Music apps, as these are also becoming an increasingly common feature on smart TVs.  

  • Ultimate control

Let the sofa be your throne and rule over your kingdom from the comfort of your settee! 

With a smart TV, you can connect to all your devices. Phone, iPad, Ring doorbell, Google Nest, Alexa, you name it – harness the convenience of all these gadgets without lifting a finger. 

  • Hassle-free set-up

Why makes things harder than they need to be? A favourite feature of smart TVs is that they are quick and easy to set up. 

As long as you’ve got access to the internet, smart TVs are super intuitive and easy to use. There’s no ‘techy’ knowledge needed, and you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.  

Invest in a new TV

These days smart TVs are everywhere, with all the big names brands offering screens of all sizes – so be sure to shop around to find what works best for you. 

Look for a reputable dealer offering great choice, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. After all, when modern TVs are designed to make life easy, why make your shopping experience a hassle?   

With a great range of TVs available, why not check out Martin Dawes? You’ll find options to rent or buy, so you can try out different makes and models to find the right TV for you and your home – or stay renting so you can keep on top of all the latest technology!