How much do industrial roofing contractors charge?

Is your industrial roof damaged? Been told you need a new one?

Whether your roofing system needs a few minor repairs or replacing, working at height is incredibly dangerous, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

When you hire industrial roofing contractors, you can trust that the job will be done properly (and safely). They won’t skimp on quality or cut any corners either.

But how much can you expect to pay?

Allow us to talk you through the factors that affect the cost of roofers and the best way to get a price for your industrial roofing project.

How much do roofers charge?

Some roofers charge between £25-£35 per hour or £200-£300 per day.

Others charge per job – offering customers a flat fee for the services they require, allowing them to budget better.

The best thing to do before you commit to anything is to speak with roofers from several companies.

If they charge by the hour, see if they’ll provide a rough timescale so you can gauge how much you’ll be expected to pay. And if they charge a daily rate, find out how many days they usually take to complete projects like yours.

4 factors that determine the price of professional roofers

The type of job

Something like replacing a few roof tiles to prevent leaks is likely not going to take a roofer very long – costing you a couple of hundred pounds at the most.

However, if you’re entire roof needs replacing, the costs will be considerably higher. This is to account for the amount of materials required and the time it takes to complete.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the job is, the more you’ll be charged.

The quality of materials 

Some roof coverings are significantly cheaper than others, which is great if you’re on a budget.

However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. 

You may pay more initially for top-quality roofing systems, but the chances are, they’ll last longer and offer better protection against the elements. This means you won’t need to splash out on repairs and replacements as often!

Your location

Believe it or not, where your facility is located will have a dramatic impact on the price you’ll pay to hire industrial roofing contractors.

This is because most companies will charge extra if they have to travel long distances to reach you – accommodating the cost of fuel and journey time.

Prices are generally more expensive in the South than they are in the North, meaning you can expect roofing contractors in Warrington to charge less than roofers in London, for example.

To help keep your costs to an absolute minimum, it’s worth choosing a trusted local roofer. Not only will they charge less but they may even be able to offer their services sooner.


Although industrial roofing contractors must take proper safety precautions to prevent injuries and fatalities, flat roofs are usually easier to climb upon and inspect than pitched roofs.

As a result of making the roofer’s job much simpler (and safer), they’ll often charge less to maintain, fit and repair flat or low-pitched roofs

Request a quote from industrial roofing contractors

If you require the expertise of a qualified roofer, it’s a good idea to get at least three quotes from different industrial roofing contractors

Make sure you ask each of them for a breakdown of their costs so you can see exactly what your money will be spent on.

Then make comparisons between the quotes you’ve received and go with the one that has worked on projects like yours in the past, uses the highest quality materials and offers the most competitive prices.